The Friends


This is Sekine from The Friends Sports Company.

This blog is not bound by various things, it is a shoulder strength
I want to take it out and write it down. (I like radio, so in that atmosphere)

Since it's the first time, I think I have to talk about the company name and the company's philosophy.

There are times when I think that talking about that is a bit different,

But I don't think it's good if I don't tell you, so just a little.

The name is simply, see this name, listen

The fluffy feeling that everyone imagines is enough,
I thought it was good, so I did this.

Keep it positive and easy to remember.

Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about it, including the logo.
I thought about it for weeks. (it was fun)

I think it's cool. I like it.

The idea is just one word.

"Enjoy the 'now' with you and walk 'healthy and spiritually rich'. "

As a feeling
Going back and forth between the local and global parts,
put it into action and have fun

Share it with everyone and enjoy

I would like to create various things.

Enjoying is easy to say,

I think it's important to put your heart into it,
It's boring if you don't.

Seriously for fun.

I don't work with that in mind,
I think it's fun and it happens naturally.

I still have a lot of thoughts about the company, but this is about it.

I don't think it's cool to say what you say and what you do differently, so lol

However, at work, such as sending out messages and making things,
I think it's important to convey these things.

Talk about company business.

The Friends Sports Company is engaged in various businesses.

Currently, there are three divisions.

The first is "The Friends Design"

I'm sorry, this
There's really a lot to see, so take a look at the design page. (details are written)

It is a support business for strengthening corporate branding, such as helping with all kinds of manufacturing, matching, etc. (and others)

Of course, individual customers are also welcome.

It's okay to say it myself,
All of them are of high quality and are competitive with other companies.

I do everything flexibly, and I think we have a good system.

The second is "The Friends Sports".

This is our original brand.

I wish I could create a product that doesn't put my shoulders and elbows on my shoulders and elbows, both emotionally and physically.

To be honest, I don't have a big concept or anything like that.
Simply, what you want to wear now,
I imagine that this person would be terrible if he wore this, and I will make it and sell it.

As affordable as possible (sorry if not)

Sometimes it's interesting to have the opposite feeling without worrying about the price.

I also really like the brand logo, so I think I can make a good product based on that.

I would like to make not only clothes but also miscellaneous goods and other things.

Sales are online store only.

For example, a collaboration with a certain sneaker has already been decided. (It's pretty bad)

The third is "The Friends Coffee"

This is the restaurant business.

I'm thinking of a shop where you can feel free to enter, not a feeling that is set up diagonally. I don't have any plans to open the last time, but I'm preparing a little bit from now. I'm thinking of an interesting scheme.

for example,
It is easy to stop the bicycle,

The terrace is comfortable,

You can drink cream soda and alcohol,

Coffee is dark roasted,

The side menu is also very particular.

Night cake is good too.


Also, if I put this out, it's absolutely dangerous, so I'm preparing it.

You may wonder which is the main business,

All are important to me and all are important.

There may be a fourth business in the future.

I think you can come up with good ideas that way.

About this blog again
through this blog

I live in Asakusa, so I talk about Asakusa,

For the past few years, I've been obsessed with cycling,
It was in such a neighborhood,

delicious food or

Whether it's a festival or something small,

Of course, topics related to work,

I would like to convey what I think is good regardless of genre, so I would appreciate it if you could visit regularly.

Please feel free to comment on anything from the message from Instagram or the homepage. I think it's fun.

It's hard to express my feelings in words, but

Considering the difficult part,
I think blogging is fun after all.

timely thoughts,

what you want to say

I want to tell you.

While saying so
I wish I could send YouTube too,

Please allow me to briefly introduce myself.

I am from Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.
I live in Asakusa now.

About 5 years at a certain group hospital About 6 years at the apparel brand Porter Classic

work, this time
Established The Friends sports Company Co., Ltd.

All of them are really valuable experiences,
I was mentored by many wonderful people.

The fact that I was able to do this extreme work
I believe that this is the driving force behind the company today.

We will continue to inform you through our website and SNS.
thank you.

Finally, the online store will be available soon, so please look forward to it.

I was very picky about it.
We will continue to operate as an important shop.

I have a sample and am in the process of shooting it,
It's coming soon.

In commemoration of the establishment of
T-shirts, long T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, knit hats, hair bands, stickers, etc. will be on sale. Behind the neck ↓ (image) I will show you little by little.
All good, but especially Ron T feels good. Ah, sweatshirts are also dangerous.

I wish I could sell it in a good cycle after that.

This time, I will end here.
Thank you for reading.

Also, thank you very much for your cooperation.
Thank you very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If I don't reply right away, I'm the type to feel uncomfortable, so I'll reply as soon as possible.

from now on
Enjoy The Friends Sports Company!

The Friends🤙

High school baseball is the best.